Protect Every Child Flag


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7 reviews for Protect Every Child Flag

  1. Trudy Mitchell

    You’d never think that a message as simple and logical as protecting children wouldn’t meet resistance but full support and even standing ovations. Churches have been abusing their power for far too long, while acting as though they are immune from scrutiny or justice and refuse to change. NOT ANY MORE! Protecting children from grooming and abuse where it’s likely to be a child’s first and earliest exposure to such things will go a long way in changing our world for the better.

  2. Tom Stollings

    Beautiful and meaningful flags. They will fly over West Virginia

  3. Jennie Jackman

    Excited to get my flag!

  4. PA West

    Yes, I stand with Sam Young to protect every child from sexual predators in every faith based and or faith/or post faith related communities.

  5. CA Girl (verified owner)

    I just received my flag and it looks great! I’m excited to support this cause. I don’t want any other child to experience the sexual abuse and coverup I experienced in the LDS church. I will be posting pictures with my flag from a hilltop soon!

  6. Dr. Dan Alsup

    Ben Lomond peek hike was an incredible experience. I learned so much about myself and protecting children.

  7. Dan and Heidi Alsup

    We hiked Ben Lomomd peek in Ogden Utah with Sam’s sore feet and my sore knees. Despite the pain and cloudy weather it was an enlightening event.

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