Mountains are being climbed, banners are being unfurled
and a united message is being shouted for the children to be saved.

Whether you are an individual or a group, we welcome anything you’re willing to share about your participation in the effort to “Climb A Mountain, Save A Child.” Please message your Banners Unfurled stories and pictures to us at our Facebook page, or simply email them to

Here’s what’s mandatory:
Written permission given to Protect Every Child to use your submission. An image, along with the date and location where it was taken. If minors are pictured, written permission from parents.

Here’s what’s optional
1. Why the location was chosen
2. Anything you’d like said or included (text, video)
3. Your name/s (if desired)

Please also consider using the power of social media to spread the word
Share your stories, pictures and videos on the public setting, using the hashtags
#ProtectEveryChild     #TheMarchForTheChildren     #ClimbAMountainSaveAChild
and from September 11th onward,  #FallColorTour

Continuing To Carry The Burden

Once again, our supporter Aaron Leavitt unfurled the Protect Every Child banner! This time, our banner waved on top of Thurston Peak overlooking Lauton Utah! Thank you, Aaron, for continuing to carry the burden of our message to the world: PROTECT EVERY CHILD!   #FallColorTour #ClimbAMountainSaveAChild #ProtectEveryChild HOW CAN YOU HELP? Sign the new Petition: Climb…

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I March!

On Sunday, September 8, 2019 Erin Crawford publicly posted on Facebook: “I #march so that the world can know of the damage that’s being done to #children in the name of the #LDS #religion. I march as a #survivor that this cycle of #abuse ends here. No more! One child is one child too many. I march because I’ve heard LDS parents say that…

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All Religions Must Observe Human Rights For Children!

“Outside the JW convention in London, I meet with Nazam44 for this interview.” – Plåt-Jonas, YouTube’s “Goatlike Personality”   #allreligionsmust #ProtectEveryChild #SilentNoMore HOW CAN YOU HELP? Sign the new Petition: Climb a mountain, hilltop or driveway.  Unfurl a banner and share it. Come to the March for the Children on October 5, 2019 in Salt Lake City. THIS…

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DAY TEN: Temple Quarry

EVENT: Hike to Temple Quarry (Climb a Peak, Protect Every Child) DETAILS: Climbers met at the Little Cottonwood Creek Trail up Little Cottonwood Canyon at 10 a.m. HIKE STATS: Trail Length (Round-trip); 2 miles Elevation Gain: ~300 ft Difficulty: Easy Join us for 1 other opportunity to hike to a peak or a waterfall…

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DAY NINE: Grandeur Peak

EVENT: Hike to Grandeur Peak (Climb a Peak, Protect Every Child) DETAILS: Climbers met at the Church Fork trailhead at 11 a.m HIKE STATS: Trail Length (Round-trip); 6.5 miles Elevation Gain: 2,400 feet Difficulty: Hard For more information about the trail, check out these websites. Join us for 2 other opportunities to hike a…

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Unfurled Over Ogden

Mark LeBaron sent Protect Every Child this message: We unfurled a “Protect Every Child” banner over Ogden, UT this morning. The stranger who took our photos thanked us for following through and said “I follow Sam Young online and I also support this movement.” HOW CAN YOU HELP? Sign the new Petition: Climb a mountain, hilltop…

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Protecting Children: This Is The Universal Issue

In the Salt Lake City, Utah area, Larry Greenwood and his wife, Phyllis Tacker Greenwood, have been very active in “supporting the protection of children from child abuse caused or facilitated by inadequate safety policies, [especially within religious institutions].”  They were involved with Sam Young’s prior movement to ProtectLDSChildren, and have continued to support this…

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